Experts trusted to deliver

Experts Trusted to Deliver

Your job has always been complex and demanding. That goes with the territory.

But now you’re probably noticing something different: your ‘business as usual’ workload has become anything but ‘usual’.

In fact, you’re so busy juggling the day-to-day demands of your job and the longer-term change agenda, that it’s difficult to give everything sufficient focus and do it all well.

We'll Help You Get More Done

Established in 2005, we help busy senior executives in retail and consumer-facing businesses to deliver their strategic, change and improvement projects. Every member of the mdj2 team has extensive line management experience in leading retail businesses. In addition to the core team, we have a strong network of experienced Associates that allows us to create the ideal team for each project, based on the right mix of specialist skills. All our work is repeat business or from recommendation.