Marketing DIrector, Homebase

mdj2 have worked with us on a number of projects. They are great to work with – they really get retail and their approach is practical, pragmatic and gets results. They fit really well into the culture of our team and their flexibility and responsiveness means that they would always be at the top of the list of partners we would approach for a broad range of retail projects.

HR Director. Argos

mdj2 have made a really positive impact on the business. They bring very relevant experience, having done the job before, and have the right blend of thoroughness and pragmatism. Their style is very cooperative, and they listen to those within the business, yet still challenge the underlying assumptions and inevitable introspection that exists inside the organisation. I would definitely use them again.

Supply Chain Director, Isero

We experienced the project with mdj2 as very valuable. It was well thought out, but also with progress and a focus on results. As a customer, we were able to share our input and accelerate our ideas. We really worked together as one team, not just as consultant and customer, that is what makes mdj2 special.