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Transformational change, programme and project management


What’s the issue?


Transformational change is a challenge faced by most companies as the pace of economic, technological and competitive developments increases every year. Once the leadership of a business has agreed the strategic direction there are often
executional challenges in moving from analysis to action. This can be due to a lack of skills and experience, good governance or simply being overwhelmed by the scale of the task ahead.
Companies also often lack the bandwidth to deliver their strategic change projects as well as business as usual activity. This can mean that projects critical to the future performance of the business are delayed or are slow to progress.


What we do


  • We can provide the solution to executing your transformational strategy. Our solutions range from a full PMO and governance team for the implementation of the entire strategic programme to simply providing skilled and experienced project managers on a project by project basis to ‘help you get more done’.
  • Short, sharp ‘project rescue’ reviews for projects that are not on track.
  • We bring rigour, balanced with a pragmatic approach, to project and change management to ensure delivery and engagement.
  • Our core team and associate network ensure that we can deploy experienced and expert practitioners who bring a depth of relevant experience to your business.


Past projects include:


  • Programme management of strategic format development programme for a leading UK Home Improvement retailer
  • Project audit and assurance prior to the implementation of a transformational change for a UK retailer
  • Programme management of the transformation programme for a Leisure business
  • Annual programme management of a Product Show event for a market leading omni-channel retailer
  • Project recovery and support for website platform change working across borders with Group & Operating Company teams for a leading pan-European retailer
  • Programme management of a synergy initiative across 2 brands in the Building industry
  • Interim Transformation Director for a leading Trade/Home Improvement retailer