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in-flight-service-image-2_main-bodyAre you ready to turn left?

Want to:

  • Take your retail relationships to the next level?
  • Know how to be an added value supplier?
  • Get the best deal out of a challenging situation or negotiation?
  • Position your presentations to make sure you have productive and successful meetings?
  • Increase your business from every customer meeting?



The requirement to secure long term relationships, understand customer strategy and manage the changing retail landscape has never been greater.


This service supports you and gives you the tools to optimise your business relationships and be successful.


It is led by mdj2 Director Clive Daley who brings a wealth of experience and new thinking to help you and your teams secure a stronger business.


Clive’s extensive background in retail, sales and purchasing allows him to understand your problems and give you practical solutions and advice on how to handle those challenging situations or negotiations that your business is facing.


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In flight