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New formats, channels and categories

What’s the issue?


Retailers need to explore new channels and formats to deliver long-term growth, especially as customer behaviours change more rapidly than ever before. Managing the current business often leaves limited resource to focus on proposition development.



What we do


Our highly flexible process is tailored to each client’s specific needs, to support the development of new formats, channels or categories – key elements often include:

  • Detailed evaluation of changing customer and competitor dynamics at product category or full business level
  • Exploration of the existing brand credentials that under-pin the business
  • Providing insight into latest proposition development trends across the wider retail market, both UK & Worldwide, as well in-depth insight into the target sector
  • Accompanied key-competitor or retail best-practice shopping tours
  • Development of strategic format objectives and design principles, involving all key stakeholders, to deliver a step-change proposition
  • Programme management of design and/or implementation of test proposition or format
  • We have a strong network of partner companies who are experts in design and marketing, property management and omni-channel development



Past projects include:


  • Programme management of strategic format development programme for a leading UK Home Improvement retailer
  • Review and recommendations to develop Retail Park format for FTSE 250 retailer
  • Development of a Trade Counter proposition for a specialist Building Materials distributor
  • Development of new Garden Centre proposition, including programme management of 6 store trial implementation, for a leading UK Home Improvement retailer
  • Programme management of development and implementation of new concession format for Home Furnishings retail brand
  • Development and implementation of Coffee Shop proposition for a leading UK Home Improvement retailer